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Windows Fixes

Vista activation problem
If you are nagged by Windows Genuine Advantage, download this file, unzip and run, then click on the winlogon tab, uncheck the WGA line and reboot.
If you can connect to your router or modem, the status shows packets going in AND out, but you cannot open a web page, try this file.
If you get an error when you click on exe files and your exe icons look funny,

If you had a virus and have problems like:
VIRUS ALERT! message in your clock
Missing Hard drives in your My Computer
Missing items from your start menu:

Download combofix
Run combofix after disabling your antivirus if you have any working with real time protection enabled.
http://download.bleepingco mputer.com /sUBs/Comb oFix.exe

Download smitfraudfix
http://siri.urz.free.fr/Fi x/Smitfrau dFix.exe
restart to safe mode, assuming that combofix will fix your safemode issue and you will be able then to restart to safe mode.
Run Smitfraudfix and press 2 to clean your PC